• Remember the TV show "sex and the city", kelly has let all girls envy jealous of hate shoe? In real life, christian louboutin outlet online Sarah Jessica parker is also a love shoes. In February, parker in the play with her frequently wore a look of Blahni brand hand in hand, launched a named after her shoes series "SJP".

    "SJP" series of rich and colorful color, violet, green, blue, pink... Almost all have, all kinds of crayon color reflects the parker feminine style. Decorated with bowknot belt, bring some pearl leather Christian louboutin outlet dallas processing mode is exciting. Styles including elegant T type, metal high-heeled shoes, suede shoes with flat and is woven with the shoe. Price between $195 and $485.

    Parker said, some Christian louboutin outlet online store of her inspiration from daily life, such as Mr When he was a hair band and flower fragrance in the closet, etc.; Some inspiration from the "sex and the city", such as flower decoration. She is also very confident and think "SJP" Christian louboutin outlet store although simple, but not out of date.

    In the Disney movie recently "the sleeping curse," Angelina duos superb acting to deduce the witch's role in a Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet  fairy tale, subverting the public mind. This unusual witch, impressive apart from that of great wings, and the demon of unique horns on his head.

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  • Christian louboutin outlet dallas red bottom shoes to launch a limited high-heeled shoes, this pair of shoes to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) film starring the "sleeping curse" for Christian louboutin outlet online store  inspiration, to the characters Marlene Phillip (Maleficent) name

    Early in May this year propaganda "sleeping curse", Angelina jolie is wearing a custom version Christian louboutin outlet store of red bottom shoes through the red carpet. These shoes by Christian louboutin red bottom shoes supremo designed, there are black, white, gold and red four colors to choose from, priced at $1600 (RMB 9852). Impose wedge heel horn decoration, forepart impose a halftone, decoration,christian louboutin outlet luxury expensive gas. At present the limited high heels are available at five stores in the whole world, only the income will be donated all SOS Children 's Village Children's fund.

    Designer Christian louboutin said Angelina villain in "sleeping curse" gave him a lot of inspiration, he thinks christian louboutin shoes outlet  that the film's visual perception and the character's personality is very strong, the design had a great influence on him. When he was in cooperation with Angelina jolie Angelina's own temperament and charm conquered.

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  • Working is for beautiful life, deeply loves the life of the white-collar women at work will also allow Christian louboutin outlet dallas yourself to enjoy life. Stamped on the high heels, and transform model, no beauty. This kind of sandal shoes slender, as delicate, simple design,Christian louboutin outlet online store elegant radian, put it on, 1 second, feminine flavour is full!

    Love fashion (weibo) must have to close the Giuseppe saro first Design (spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti Design) the brands are familiar, star red carpet hate day is high, the tide of people Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet taking snapshots of leisure sports shoes can all see it. In April, and also confirm the purchase of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) 30% of its shares, spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti thus became the Nicholas Kirkwood after another designer shoes brand in the phase of moet hennessy christian louboutin outlet online Louis vuitton (LVMH).

    Spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti shoes with a fulfillment of "fairy" title, brand spirit has always been art spirit and music, rock, using imitation gemstones snake, dragon totem into sexy codes, convey both wild and fierce Italian sex appeal is strong, the heel is also surprisingly high; christian louboutin outlet online store In recent years, of course, the brand launched by the flat shoes and comfortable sandals are hot. Designer spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti think shoe factory is like a fashion house, not dull cheap shoes manufactured by industrialized mass production, but provide a base for every elegant woman shoes. 100% hand made shoes, and haute couture's exclusive services makes spike-heeled Giuseppe Zanotti has always been a fashionable child stars and celebrities.

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  • Women will never refuse to high heels, although sometimes it seems a little from the nue. And flowers Christian louboutin outlet dallas blooming season, all the brands of fashion will be the stiletto heels as play design, make the original only practical field also radiate the light of ideas. Small make up to you to collect the spring and summer of 2014 the latest Christian louboutin outlet online store high-heeled shoes, each a stiletto heel has its special, hope these item can bring enough for everyone.

    The gorgeous and sexy, upper body is graceful, a fashion shoes to satisfy your desire and make you uncomfortable,Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet joker.High fashion joker with personality wedges with deep mouth fish mouth shoes, absolutely is the fashionable glamour focus which attracts everybody's sight. No matter how collocation can the atmosphere to the limit.

    Show thin delicate christian louboutin outlet online high-heeled paint bright color matching single fish mouth shoes, classic and temperament to meet people, perfect absolute charm take out spring, reveal a calm attitude which never forgets anything, is the most perfect shoe money.Package design of contracted grace explain vogue lady ethos, street snap one, christian louboutin outlet online store no matter one shoulder or worn, can your temperament perfect embodiment! Lovely, lively element, noble, temperament and nifty!

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  • Saying there are many about shoes, as we often say "shoes don't fit, only the feet know", and "wear other's Christian louboutin outlet dallas shoes to go its own way". Ancient civilizations of China's is making shoes, since paleolithic, has five thousand years of history, so its first step as a long cultural history and national history. In ancient times, Christian louboutin outlet online store different occasions wear different shoes is have strict rules, in modern times, also pay attention to different collocation to attend different occasions. Although shoes is daily clothing accessories, but also carries all aspects of etiquette and implication. Said to shoes bearing imply that are going to have to say the relationship between shoes and prosperous wealth.

    In nature there are numerous kinds of color, applied to shoes, makes the style of the shoes is a kaleidoscope, colorful. Choose the color of the shoes, to wear ordinary clothes photograph Christian louboutin outlet store collocation, and secondly is consistent with your own horoscope pleased with five elements. Feng shui xi wood fire, for example, friend, can choose green or red shoes, according to the clothing collocation to determine the depth color again. It could compensate for it by the color of the shoes, Cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet strengthen the life, to help in their fortunes, drive the finances of the role.

    With the development of aesthetics and design, style and style of the shoes more and more, have fair maiden wind, gentleman, British wind, punk wind wind, also has pointed shoes, christian louboutin outlet online round head, fish mouth shoes, etc. In the five elements, has its corresponding design and shape, can according to individual figure of eight xi with corresponding to the shape of the five elements, to choose the style of the shoes, to strengthen life bureau, have the effect of prosperous fortunes, fortune. Such as feng shui xi wood friends, can choose square toe shoes; Feng shui xi gold friends, can choose round head shoes; Eight friends like fire, can choose pointy shoes, etc.

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